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Hey everyone,

We hope you’ve all been well lately and have enjoyed your weekends!!

So, as you may of noticed, a lot has been happening in the past moth for ENTT….

Including filming a brand new music video for our latest commercial single that we are planning to release very soon called Underworld (ft. Enrico Fusai)!!!

These have been very exciting times for the ENTT Boys, as this is the first occasion they have filmed a music video and they have enjoyed every moment they have been involved with it!!! From the idea, to preparation, to organising and filming their set!!!

Working with Gary Lebel from Yooj Pictures has helped the whole process move along at such a great pace and the artistic detail and definition involved with this whole video would have been impossible without him behind it. Check out Gary & Yooj Pictures at;

More news about the video will be coming soon, but check out the gallery on our home page to find out more.

Stay tuned…….



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