Hey everyone,

So the summer has been and gone, and the UK prepares for the Autumn. It has been an interesting Summer, with Brexit, The Olympics, The European Championships and so on… Oh and not to forget, one of the most famous nightclubs in history “Fabric” has been stripped of it’s licence..

With this, we have been enjoying what Summer 2016 has been offering up to us, and now it’s time to get back in the driving seat. Churning out new music and ideas is an understatement for what has been happening in the ENTT Lab….

We have been talking to plenty of artists, singers and producers included, who have been interested to get working with us and to collaborate with ENTT. This is very exciting for us, as not only do we get new content that we can share with you guys, but it helps us further develop as artists.

We are also speaking with people who, lets say… know people. When you know people that know people, then you must definitely take that opportunity, so be sure to stay alert for movements!

Thanks guys, speak soon,


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