Let’s face it people….

2016 has been a god damn rough year for everyone…..

Celebrity Deaths, England’s Shoddy Euro 2016 Performance, The chaos of the Rio Olympics, Brexit, the US Election…

But how, as fans of EDM, do we rise above today’s and tomorrow’s world problems? By writing stuff on twitter to let the world know that there is still a glimmer of hope as we experience the growing tensions between Western Powers and Russia, as well as the conflict in the Middle East…

We may write a lot of stuff in blogs about the current news that may (or may not) affect you people, but we don’t have much of an opinion when it comes to this stuff….. we let the music do the talking, whether it be samples or full tracks…

Others write on social media to entertain the world, and display how genuine EDM artists can be…. they are highly relatable, only want good in the world and want to unite the world through music….

Think about Tomorrowland, people from North and South America, Australisa and Asia, come to Belgium to feel connected every July to those who want to see the world become a better place…

Here are some quotes from artists around the world in EDM;

Drezo (On the US Election) – “making evil music all week cause politics”

Disclosure (On Brexit) – “Moving to Mars with Bowie”

Kasakade (On the passing of Prince) – “Video queued up as Prince just slays this stage of legends. Eyes closed, smiling + guitar on fire.”

Graves (On the US Election) – “only Kanye can save us now”

We all hope 2017 is better in some regards…..

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