Welcome to our band page! We are ENTT, a trio of sorts from London, UK bringing you alternative/ electronic British music.

This is Elliott. Elliott plays keys. He also is getting his degree in engineering and works around fast racing cars. We like Elliott 🙂

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This is Kaan. Kaan is our main man when it comes to production. He also has a beard growth rate of 2mm per hour! Ok maybe not, but it does grow really fast! And full! We like Kaan too 🙂

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Finally, this is Mary. Mary is our lead singer and songwriter. She once tried to eat a whole scotch bonnet and proceeded to barf violently before going into shock… That’s good for her.

Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 21.28.07

So we’ve been a band for a while now, developing our sound and working hard at the studio to create something we are proud of. We are now practising for live shows which we are so psyched about! We cannot wait to get out there and perform for you guys. See you soon!!


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