ENTT has it’s roots firmly planted in the electronic genre, the addition of Mary brought us an alternative
flair, which ultimately evolved our sound into what we have now. Electronic music isn’t necessarily
associated with live instruments, but from the beginning Elliott and Kaan wanted to be more than just
producers and DJ’s, they wanted to create magic when performing onstage. They wanted to have a live band.

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This is Tim. Some (we) call him Tim Tim Timmy, others call him Tim. He is the human tasked with the
mission of being our guitarist, making our awesome music even more awesome. We only started with 2
of our songs, ‘Mumbai’ and ‘So Many Ways’, the latter our Tim actually co-wrote and duets with Mary. We
can honestly say he really delivered!

I wish you were there guys, it was truly incredible. We have heard our songs countless times, but to hear
them for the first time accompanied by an electric guitar? It was electric! We couldn’t help but move and
be moved – some of us even gave ourselves whip lash from all the head banging (Mary). And
we just can’t wait to share what we felt with you guys. It was truly spiritual! Just a few more practices
with a few more songs, and we’re all yours. Can’t wait to meet you all!

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