Hey guys! We had our third practice, and if you think the novelty had worn off, think again! For this practice was even more awesome than the one we had before that was also so epically awesome, but not as exceptionally awesome as this one! With the addition of 2 more tracks, ‘Break Free’ and ‘Ariadne’, we practised and practised the 4 tracks, and each time they got better and better, and us and the music became more alive!

 We just have to shout- out Pirate Studios again for it’s brilliant set up, easy to use with all you need from a rehearsal space!

 Mary particularly loved this session as she is incredibly proud of the lyrics she wrote for these songs. Also, she practised effective usage of the mic stand which resulted in not being incredibly out of breath from dancing and any resulting whip lash. But you could see the fire in Kaan’s eyes, the chemistry between the band, and quite frankly, Elliott was having a wicked time! We even saw Tim Tim Timmy (who, by the way never smiles or does anything ‘uncool’) smile a few times – no take backs Tim! We saw you!

That feeling you get when playing something you’ve made…. it’s unimaginable. The only thing that can compare to this experience, is sharing it with others. Stay tuned to our website and social media pages to stay up-to-date with what’s happening with ENTT. That’s where we will let you know when and where we’ll be performing. Hope to see you all there!!

Check out ENTT’s live version of Mumbai here: 



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