1. If you could invite 3 people, dead or alive, to a dinner party, who would they be, and why? Ariana Grande is my biggest crush right now, so I’d love it if she were my date! She’s ridiculously talented, beautiful and funny, and she has the biggest heart! Freddie Mercury would definitely have to come and perform! I think he is one of the most talented people that has ever graced this world, he is my hero and I have always wanted to meet him! Finally, I’d invite Ellen Degeneres. Everyday she sets a fine example of how we should treat others, with love and respect. I love everything she has done for the LGBTI+ community, and how she changes the lives of so many people! Plus, she’s frickin’ hilarious, I’d just hope she’d be a fan of my terrible jokes!
  2. What’s your favourite show? Charmed. The original series, that is. If you don’t know it, get to know it! I’ve seen every episode a million times, and I even have a tattoo of the triquetra!
  3. What was your first job? I worked for an independent fashion house called ‘The Earl of Bedlam’, but I worked with my best friend so we really didn’t get much work done. That was a great summer…
  4. What’s one thing you’re excited about that’s coming up in 2019? I’m definitely excited about what’s going to happen for ENTT. The future is scary, but I can’t wait! Plus, I’m writing a romance novel and I’d love to get that published.
  5. What is your most-used emoji? Probably the crying face laughter followed by the monkey holding its face… I say a lot of silly stuff and they make them not seem as bad.
  6. If you could win an Olympic medal for any sport, real or fake, what would it be? Egg making. I make great eggs. In fact, when ENTT makes it, I’d use some of the income to open up a restaurant serving all kinds of egg dishes… I’m so eggcited!!
  7. What movie or TV show title best describes your week? The Hangover? It’s been a wild one…
  8. What was your favorite subject in school? Definitely Maths when I was in Primary school, but then Drama stole my heart! I had the best teachers and classmates, it was the one lesson where I felt truly free!
  9. If you had to eat one thing for every meal going forward, what would you eat? Uh, eggs… Obviously! They’re eggceptional!
  10. If someone were to play you in a movie, who would you want it to be? Miss Angelina Jolie- she’s gorgeous, passionate, intelligent, can play androgynous roles and she’s a bad ass!
  11. If you could spend a day in someone else’s shoes, whose would they be?Why? Harry Styles… He has amazing shoes.
  12. What’s the first career you dreamed of having as a kid? I’ve always wanted to be a singer!
  13. What’s the last text you sent? :/ to be honest, it’s not that kind of blog!
  14. Who, or what, was your biggest teacher? Life. You learn everything through experience, so I try to experience as much as I can, whenever I can.
  15. What’s the first concert you attended? Steps! I was 7 and obsessed with them. My big sister who was about 22 at the time asked my other sister and I to drop her off there as she had tickets. We were sad because we wanted to go but went anyway because, well my sister is awesome! When we got there, she said she’d gotten us tickets too! We were so surprised and happy… I love that memory!
  16. What qualities do you value in the people with whom you spend time? Ambition, kindness and pure individuality (not individuality for the sake of it).
  17. If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time? I’d probably still sleep, I have the best dreams!! It’s like another life!
  18. If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time? I’d probably still sleep, I have the best dreams!! It’s like another life!
  19. What’s your guilty pleasure? I don’t have one. I love what I love and feel no shame.
  20. What is a dream you have that you’ve yet to achieve? Other than the ones previously mentioned, I want to find the time to do more activism, charity runs, skydives. It may sound cheesy, but I want to bring happiness to people.
  21. Of what are you most afraid? Failure… And sharks. I can’t even swim with my eyes closed in a public pool without thinking ones after me.

Here’s a link to our latest live version of Break Free recorded at Pirate Studios; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-0hu_VP_2g

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