Who Are ENTT?

An Entity is something that exists. It doesn’t have to be materialistic; it can be as simple as a concept that is acknowledged by people.

ENTT are a Live EDM Duo from the UK. Formed in 2013, the two band members have been producing music and playing live instruments from a young age, they have gained skills and experience from other projects they have both pursued on, to create the refined band that is ENTT.

Their aim is to fill a gap in the market, where Electronic Dance Music and Live Performances do not currently meet ends. ENTT want to bring together the energy and enthusiasm from Dance Music festivals and the attention and atmosphere created by live performances. It is becoming more popular for electronic acts to play live and ENTT see this as the way forward in the industry.

The duo, Kaan Kara and Jordan Hearts, have known each other since starting secondary school together. Both wanted to make a venture into the music industry by bringing people the joy of Electronic Music, later wanting to show people what atmosphere could be created from live performances.

Several different artists inspire ENTT, but they want to create their own persona for people to liken too and for others to follow suit.

Both artists bring experience to the group, from different projects. Through these they have performed at the Elephant & Nun Festival, Mile End Festival (hosted by the Sound of DJs), The New Cross Inn and Roadtrip & Workshop with events management company HUG ME FOR NO REASON and have performed on weekly online radio shows with Sound R TV and Urban FM TV.


ENTT Members


Jordan Hearts


Jordan Hearts started producing music at the age of 14, getting to grips with the world of music and the way that the industry is run. He has been involved in other projects in his music career, and played live at The New Cross Inn, The Rumor Bar and The Roadtrip and Workshop Clubs just to name a few in his hometown. With ENTT, Jordan wants to try and create an appreciation for EDM in the world of live performances, in which there is currently a gap in the market.


Kaan Kara


Kaan Kara started his adventures in music at the age of 14, and has a lot of studio and live experience under his belt. He has produced for several other artists close to him, and he has studied Music Technology as College. Through this, Kaan has been involved in other projects alongside Jordan in his musical career, and played live at The New Cross Inn, The Rumor Bar and The Elephant and Nun Festival. With ENTT, Kaan wants to show the world the joy of EDM, the excitement that is created at headline festivals, but put a twist on the genre and bring it to the live stage.