Who Are ENTT?

ENTT are a three-piece Alternative Electronic Band from London, UK. Formed in 2017, their paths crossed through their love of music, and a simple recording session sparked the start of the reformation of ENTT.
All three members have been involved in the music industry for around 10 years between them, and their range of skills are extensive; guitar, piano, lead vocals, backing vocals, production, editing, mixing and sound engineering. These highly talented entrepreneurs are self-sufficient in their abilities, and have the tools and skills to move forward as a band.

Their aim is to bring alternative and electronic music, and infuse the two genres together to see the reaction that will be made as a result of their experimental work. As a live band, ENTT combine the raw elements of rock with alternative drums, 80’s lead guitars, hard-hitting basses and work this with the electronic input of highly complex, but rewarding synthesisers, essentials such as sample pads and the influence of Dance with the live backing of DJ Decks.

Kaan Kara and Elliott Caffrey have been involved in an earlier version of ENTT and other projects before the current formation you see today. The duo are also business entrepreneurs, running their own recording studio business known as ENTT Studios. Mary Marie has used her vocals as her instrument throughout the majority of her life, previously being involved with world renowned artists and record labels, before finding her paths leading to a band life.

With influences ranging from modern electronic artists, to alternative two, three- and four-piece London based bands, the UK collective are wanting to experiment within their genre. Researching and working ideas previously thought to be untouchable and unworkable.


ENTT Members


Elliott Caffrey


Elliott started producing music at the age of 14, getting to grips with the world of
music and the way that the industry is run. He has been involved in other projects in
his music career, and played live at The New Cross Inn, The Rumor Bar and The
Roadtrip and Workshop Clubs just to name a few in his hometown. With ENTT,
Elliott wants to try and create an appreciation for Alternative Electronic Music in the
world of live performances, in which there is currently a gap in the market.


Kaan Kara


Kaan Kara started his adventures in music at the age of 15, and has a lot of studio
and live experience under his belt. He has produced for several other artists
associated with RCA and Island Records, and he has studied Music Technology at
College. Through this, Kaan has been involved in other projects alongside Elliott in
his musical career, and played live at The New Cross Inn, The Rumor Bar and The
Elephant and Nun Festival. With ENTT, Kaan wants to show the world the joy of
Alternative Electronic Music, with the excitement that is created at headline festivals,
but put a twist on the genre and bring his ideas to the live stage.


Mary Marie


Mary Marie started performing from the age of 5 and has gained confidence in her abilities as a lead vocalist. Her command upon the stage encapsulates any crowd she is placed in front of, and her skills don’t stop short when it comes to the recording studio. A keen songwriter and lyricist, Mary has written and recorded for 12 years before forming with ENTT, combining with world renowned artists and labels to excel her career potential and experience.