Some say there is nothing like the feeling you get when you’re up on stage performing the music you love… For others this is probably their worst nightmare! And us? Well, it was so much better than we could have even imagined! There aren’t really words strong enough to describe how it felt to be up on that stage. This is everything we want, and everything we have worked tirelessly for. Yes, the venue was small and there was a small crowd to match, but when you’re living in that moment those things don’t matter. You are just grateful to be there, doing what you’ve always loved and what you’ve always dreamt of.

Just want to do a quick thank you to Mark from the St Moritz club for allowing us to perform there and being patient with our million instruments setup! You made us feel very welcome and very comfortable playing there! Also, shout out to the bands ‘SAW’ and ‘Dog on a Stick’ who both put on a fantastic show!

As well as being our first show, it was our first time performing with our guitarist Louis. He played an absolutely fantastic show, having learnt all of his parts in only 2 weeks, and he really understands the music and sound we are trying to create. His creativity and undeniable talent gave our set the edge and a uniqueness that we wanted. So thank you Louis, we cannot wait to play more gigs with you!

To be honest, we didn’t play a perfect show- nobody does! But we had fun, and the crowd had fun with us! Shout out to everyone that came out to support us! This journey is going to be difficult and long, but having you guys there makes it everything. Yes we have things to improve on, but the day we stop thinking that is the day we stop evolving. With time and experience, we will get better and better and be the best we can be!

So far, our next gig is on the 10thJuly at The Water Rats…. We will talk about what a great opportunity this is for us later! If we get booked for more gigs before then you will be the first to know! Watch this space, and also check our Facebook and Instagram pages for regular updates…

See you soon!

Facebook: @enttlive

Instagram: @entt_music

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