Hey everyone, We hope you’ve all had an amazing Christmas and New year, and got some time to spend with friends, family and also relaxing! The band have been very busy over the last couple of days after the holiday period. This also includes their first live gig at The Monarch, Camden in 6 days time! 

ENTT will be live from The Monarch, Camden on Saturday 18th January @ 5.30pm!! Their live set will be half an hour, packed with hit alternative dance songs from the trio. Get your tickets now, via entt.co.uk/tour-dates to come and see us and to get more information about where you can catch us over the next three months!

The alternative dance trio have also been busy this weekend, after recording a fantastic podcast with the wonderful Savia Rocks. Her “Us People” Podcast will be coming later on this month, so please stayed tuned for more information on that. We’ll be talking about what’s coming up for ENTT over early 2020, how we’ve dealt with our struggles up until now and overcome them, and much more. You can check our Savia via her instagram, as she also offers fantastic photography services (a sample will be below); https://www.instagram.com/saviarocks/https://www.instagram.com/saviarocks/

ENTT with Savia Rocks, recording for her Upside Podcast

Here’s a sample of Savia’s work as well, for anybody interested in her photography services..

Next week, expect a load of social media posts about our band practice sessions and our preparations for the live gig at The Monarch on Saturday. We also have a cheap list! If you know you are coming for definite, you can get discounted tickets at the door! All you need to do is just contact us, and let us know your definitely coming!

We’ll do another update next Monday 20th January for you all! 


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