ENTT are excited to announce that they will be releasing their debut EP “COEPIO” on Friday 21st February 2020. The project, which will contain 5 original tracks, will be the first collection of music that the Alternative Dance Trio will release in 2020. 

The release of COEPIO will coincide with their live gig at The Spice of Life, Soho on the same day. ENTT will also be headlining this gig, with promoter Hot Vox hosting the night, with several other great acts playing before hand. 

Their project takes the name “COEPIO”, as this is the latin translation for “begin” or “commence”. This EP marks the beginning for ENTT’s journey in what can be the extremely tough, but rewarding journey that so many associate as the music industry. The London-based band wanted to create something obscure and striking for their debut release, and lots of thinking and creativity was required for this EP name. 

The lead single for COEPIO will be “Break Free” and the names of the four other tracks, recorded, produced and mixed by ENTT, will be published at the end of January. The EP Artwork, Audio snippets and a sample of the “Break Free” Music Video will be available between now and the release of the project. 

Here is what COEPIO is about, in the words of the three members of ENTT; “Our debut EP contains 5 highly contrasting songs, in terms of style, energy and production. Some tracks have been worked on, written and developed since ENTT formed in 2017, and others were written purposely for this project. This whole project flows between alternative, electronic and dance music, as well as changing energy, going from something quite grungy, to hyped-up and right down to modest and reflective. With COEPIO, we want to showcase our ability to switch and change up, when it comes to song writing and production. We wanted to combine all of our previous influences and ideas to create a unique collection of songs.”

ENTT want to thank everyone’s support so far this year, and please stay tuned for more info about our debut EP which will be available before you know it! 

Want to see ENTT Live? The Alternative Dance trio are headlining 93 Feet East, Brick Lane, London on Friday 31st January, with promoters Underground Sound. Tickets are available here; https://www.seetickets.com/event/underground-sound-93-feet-east/93-feet-east/1463608?fbclid=IwAR1fahKlapV_KKPr7k4y26eWP6nY2dOIKIpSS441J567_mlqsa7xxJsVfZo

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