February 2020, saw a number of amazing things happen for us. The first being the release of a single that represents our image of Alternative Dance so perfectly, with Break Free. The second being the release of our debut EP “COEPIO”, and we cannot thank everyone enough for the support that has been provided over the past month for this project, it would be impossible without you.


COEPIO is a 5-track self-released project, that represents our viewpoint of the genre of Alternative Dance music. With singles Mumbai and Break Free at the forefront of the release, Labrythm is a rock-inspired instrumental track, Cry All The Time is an emotional ballad and Is Anybody Out There is a European dance and house music inspired project. 

Accompanying COEPIO were 8 fantastic remixes that you can check out via our Spotify Profile right here;

The producers that created these fantastic remixes took different influences, used their own style and skills, which resulted in a compilation of some unbelievable productions. Everything from deep house, progressive house, EDM, trance, tech-house, techno, IDM… you name it! 

Thank you again for all the support we have received with COEPIO, and please do stream all our content on Spotify right now if you haven’t heard the rest of the EP or any remixes!



The Spice Of Life, Soho, played host to our second headlining gig of the year, and the beginning of March saw us play at the newly rebranded Pin Ups London, Islington. We want to thank everyone that came out to support us at these gigs, we truly couldn’t it without you! Playing our originals that have been released on COEPIO, as well as some unreleased content for you all. 

There was also some other great acts that we want to shout out for. At the Spice Of Life, there was the band Son Of Cabe, who put on a stellar performance with their 4 piece indie line up, and they will be playing at Lechdale Festival at the end of May 2020. At Pin Ups London, Runrummer put on a fantastic performance with her electronic indie setup, performing with a live drummer and bass guitarist. She has just released her next single I Like Getting High (But Not All The Time). 

Check out both artists here: 

Son Of Cabe:


ENTT are next live from The Victoria, Dalston on Wednesday 25th March, and this is our third headlining gig of the year! If you can make it down, tickets are available for only £5 on the door, and come and see some other amazing acts!

Here is more information about our gig at The Victoria, Dalston:



Well, as everyone knows the hot topic in the news at the moment is about the spread of Coronavirus. It ha been declared as an epidemic that is going to be extremely hard to handle and contain according to the World Health Organisation. We, at ENTT, want to say please do be vigilant, be aware of your surroundings and who’s around you. 

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